Yogisk meditation

Teaching / guiding both open classes and courses in Meditation

The jo
urney of Raja Yoga or Meditation is super interesting.
It looks easy and it is not that hard to technically do it, but there is a challenge
against our mind behaviour and thinking patterns.

And if Hatha Yoga is amongst other things about cleansing the body
then meditationis all about the cleansign the mind and thought energy.

I follow traditional yogic meditation which is mainly from the great older scripture
that is known as Yoga Sutras byt Patanjali and the 8 limbs from that book.

Today Meditate has become popular, but not that many do it for real, it is a lot of
what I see as "magazine meditation" going on.
ANd there is a lot of talk about how great it is and so on, but no preprations for the
ones starting to do it regularly and might get som struggle and obstacles that are
all very normal, but if you dont know that, you might stop meditating.

To meditate in Silence is to prefer, but I will during classes or courses guide the
first part of the sittings to hepl come into a clamer mind set and inner focus.
When getting used to the foundation we can use different tools or techniques that
can help us to go even deeper with practice.

Examples of theese might be
Preparational asanas or pranayama
Mantra & Malas
Yantra/ Mandala

Tratak and so on